The Dish on happy hour at Holland House Bar & Refuge

FANCY? Situated in East Nashville, Holland House Bar & Refuge (HHB&R) captures the essence of a speakeasy: It is bustling inside, serves exquisite classic cocktails and comes with all of the upscale features, such as crystal chandeliers and a variety of seating ares. This is a solid alternative to Patterson House if you want to save some dough and avoid the wait. The bartenders are equally friendly and knowledgeable, making HHB&R’s bar a swanky place to enjoy drinks with a date or with a couple of friends.

FUN?  Very. Aside from the aforementioned atmosphere and drinks, one of the best parts about Holland House is that it is close to other neat spots in East Nashville (such as Rumours East, the Pharmacy, Eastland Cafe, Bar Luca, Butcher & Bee, etc.) if you are looking to enjoy a multi-part dining experience.

FRUGAL? Holland House arguably has one of the best cocktail deals in town! The happy hour menu offers classic-driven drinks for only $6. Both the Bee’s Knees* and the gin Gimlet are refreshing (and hard to put down), and the Ward 8 and the Old Fashioned will delight any bourbon connoisseur. Even if you are typically a wino, go with a cocktail for at least one round. Though the wine is pretty good, La Vielle Ferme at $6/glass is not considered a good deal since the bottle rings in at around $8/bottle at local liquor stores.

*A Bee’s Knees cocktail typically involves gin, honey and lemon. Holland House’s version subs out gin for rum, which is then typically called a Honey Bee.

From left to right: Ward 8, La Paloma and Bee’s Knees cocktails
Holland House happy hour menu

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