The Dish on dining at Josephine on 12th

FANCY? Yes! Josephine is one of the fancier spots to dine within the 12 South neighborhood. This place would be perfect for a romantic date or a dinner with friends/family. The restaurant is larger than you would expect since there is an additional room partitioned off.

FUN? Very! Bring your own bottle of wine, request a decanter and enjoy your evening– resting assured that you cut costs where you could. Josephine also offers a X:X dining experience that features a 10-course meal ($85) with drink pairings ($45), making it a less expensive version of the Catbird Seat (which is $115/person not including wine pairings)!

FRUGAL? In keeping with most of the upscale restaurants in Music City, Josephine unfortunately does not offer a happy hour. However, you can bring your own bottle of wine and only pay a $15 corkage fee– which is well worth it! For example, the Seghesio Zinfandel is listed on the menu for $55/bottle. Most liquor stores sell this brand for $18 to $23. By paying the corkage fee, you save roughly $17– and this is ignoring the extra taxes you would have to pay for purchasing the Seghesio from Josephine.

We went with the Bloomy Rinds cheese plate ($17), the pappardelle ($27) and the hazelnut ravioli ($26). The cheese plate is very large, providing enough to split four ways or take any leftovers to-go. The entrees are not large enough to split and run between $24 to $30.

The Husband Bourbon Rating: COMING SOON

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