The Dish on dining at Urban Grub

FANCY? Located in 12 South, Urban Grub distinguishes itself from Josephine, Bar Taco, Burger Up, the Flip Side and Frothy Monkey by offering a very fine dining setting inside along with a more casual atmosphere on its patios and at its bars (yes, plural). The back patio sets the tone for a livelier dining experience with multiple TVs and a garden setting. The patios are heated in the winter, so there is no shortage of seating  during chillier days! The restaurant is a solid bet for any occasion from meeting up with friends to watch a game during the day or taking your spouse out for an anniversary.

FUN? Absolutely! I love going to places that offer different experiences depending on where you sit in the restaurant, and Urban Grub passes this ambiance test. You can easily grab a nice cocktail and appetizers at the bar and then transition into a more formal setting for dinner–  without hopping into an Uber.

FRUGAL? Actually, yes! Many of Urban Grub’s entree-sized dishes are easily shareable. We were thinking of splitting the carbonara ($20), and the waitress suggested that we have the kitchen split the dish in the back vs. sharing from the same dish since 1) they have no split-plate charge and 2) the kitchen usually gives healthier portions when you ask to split a dish. The photo below of the carbonara is of one split plate. No matter what you’re craving, Urban Grub’s menu will likely have it!

The wines are also not too expensive, and the restaurant is one of the few to offer quartino (9 oz.) pours. We ordered a bottle of Anciano Tempranillo ($33) and thoroughly enjoyed it for the price.

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