The Dish on dining at Tin Angel

FANCY? Nashville Original’s Tin Angel sports a cozy, easygoing atmosphere with seating in a brick-laden area near the entryway and carpeted seating deeper in the restaurant. Located on West End near Vanderbilt, the Southern-style restaurant is family-friendly and includes a full bar with one television, making this the perfect neighborhood spot to grab dinner without missing a game.

FUN? Yes! Tin Angel offers a number of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dinner entrees that hardly ever disappoint. The cauliflower-crusted pizza (gluten-free and $7) was listed under the appetizers and was fantastic, and the pork chop was phenomenal. This chop featured an apple fig chutney with poblano macaroni and cheese and green beans–a fine Southern dish! The hummingbird cake is always worth the splurge (whenever it is on the dessert list).

FRUGAL? Everything on the menu is well-priced with entrees ranging from $14 to $32. Portions are rather large, so don’t shy away from splitting! As far as wine goes, you can’t go wrong with the Brazin Zinfandel ($8) or the Lost Colony Red Blend ($10). While there is no daily happy hour at this time, rumor has it that Tin Angel will offer evening deals and specials soon!

Insider Tip: Tin Angel can be found on Groupon from time to time.

The Husband Bourbon Review: B

While Tin Angel does not boast an extensive bourbon menu, the restaurant offers 12 great selections on its printed menu (and 10 of these fall in the $10 to $13 price range). In terms of the whiskey for the price, Tin Angel is actually a better deal than the self-proclaimed whiskey hot spot 404 Kitchen. For example, Noah’s Mill is $11 and Blanton’s is $12 per pour at Tin Angel vs. $16 for a pour of Noah’s Mill and $22 for a pour of Blanton’s at the 404 Kitchen. In other words, Tin Angel makes the statement that you don’t have to pay top dollar at a pure whiskey bar to enjoy a great pour. The bartenders here are personable, and if you are in the mood for cocktail, I’d recommend the classic Sazerac with either Knob Creek Rye or Woodford Reserve Rye. 

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