The Dish on happy hour at Nonna’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar

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Lagunitas IPA ($3), Chianti ($6), and the Nonna pizza ($5) on happy hour

FANCY? Situated on Murphy Road, Nonna’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar offers a more casual Italian dining experience than its neighbor, Caffe Nonna. This Sylvan Park gem is a great place to grab authentic Italian-style pizza after work or on the weekend without racking up a large bill. The pizzeria and Caffe Nonna share the exact same menu– so if you prefer to enjoy the same food in a more formal atmosphere, simply walk next door!

FUN? Nonna’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar is cozy and fairly small. The restaurant offers a variety of seating with tables and a bar area, along with a patio (which is ideal for evenings in the spring and fall).

FRUGAL? Yes! Nonna’s offers happy hour specials from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday on wine ($6), beer ($3), an assortment of appetizers, and the Nonna ($5) and the Goomba ($6) 10-inch pizzas. (To catch you up on terminology, the Nonna pizza is the equivalent of a margherita pizza, and the Goomba includes pepperoni and sausage.) Normally, these same pizzas are $10 and $12, respectively. Nonna’s is one of the few (if not the only) places in Nashville to offer half-priced Italian-style pizza during happy hour.


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The Dish on happy hour at Answer

FANCY? Answer recently opened in Sylvan Park and has since filled the void of a foodie-driven establishment in the neighborhood. The menu offers an excellent cocktail, wine, and dinner list that would satisfy any Nashville foodie at a pretty good price. This is an ideal place for drinks after work or for a full dinner with a date or with a couple of friends (especially if you live within walking distance). On that note, parking is very limited. If you can’t land a spot in the small parking lot behind the restaurant, you will easily be able to find parking within walking distance– either on the street or in the surface lot at McCabe Park Community Center.

FUN? Very! Answer’s ambiance is modern and vibrant. With its bar in the middle, this open-concept restaurant can become a little noisy. Other than that, there are numerous tables around the restaurant– along with outdoor seating– that could provide a quieter experience if that’s what you’re looking for.

FRUGAL? With Answer’s happy hour, you can enjoy a few small plates, wines, beers, and a featured cocktail for only $5 each from 5 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays. We tried out the potatoes and the hummus appetizers along with the La Vielle Ferme Rose and Cigar City Jai Alai. The pretzel was another popular option among patrons, and we will likely order this upon a return visit! I

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Hummus ($5) with avocado, arugula, pepitas, fresco, and tortillas
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Potatoes ($5) with duck fat, manchego, and smokey aioli

The Dish on dining at Tin Angel

FANCY? Nashville Original’s Tin Angel sports a cozy, easygoing atmosphere with seating in a brick-laden area near the entryway and carpeted seating deeper in the restaurant. Located on West End near Vanderbilt, the Southern-style restaurant is family-friendly and includes a full bar with one television, making this the perfect neighborhood spot to grab dinner without missing a game.

FUN? Yes! Tin Angel offers a number of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dinner entrees that hardly ever disappoint. The cauliflower-crusted pizza (gluten-free and $7) was listed under the appetizers and was fantastic, and the pork chop was phenomenal. This chop featured an apple fig chutney with poblano macaroni and cheese and green beans–a fine Southern dish! The hummingbird cake is always worth the splurge (whenever it is on the dessert list).

FRUGAL? Everything on the menu is well-priced with entrees ranging from $14 to $32. Portions are rather large, so don’t shy away from splitting! As far as wine goes, you can’t go wrong with the Brazin Zinfandel ($8) or the Lost Colony Red Blend ($10). While there is no daily happy hour at this time, rumor has it that Tin Angel will offer evening deals and specials soon!

Insider Tip: Tin Angel can be found on Groupon from time to time.

The Husband Bourbon Review: B

While Tin Angel does not boast an extensive bourbon menu, the restaurant offers 12 great selections on its printed menu (and 10 of these fall in the $10 to $13 price range). In terms of the whiskey for the price, Tin Angel is actually a better deal than the self-proclaimed whiskey hot spot 404 Kitchen. For example, Noah’s Mill is $11 and Blanton’s is $12 per pour at Tin Angel vs. $16 for a pour of Noah’s Mill and $22 for a pour of Blanton’s at the 404 Kitchen. In other words, Tin Angel makes the statement that you don’t have to pay top dollar at a pure whiskey bar to enjoy a great pour. The bartenders here are personable, and if you are in the mood for cocktail, I’d recommend the classic Sazerac with either Knob Creek Rye or Woodford Reserve Rye. 

The Dish on happy hour at Silo

FANCY? Silo  has a southern sense of fancy. Located in Germantown, Silo complements the quaintness of this neighborhood’s brick sidewalks by providing an inherently rustic country atmosphere. The walls are wooden slats, and the tables and chairs are handpicked to match. Overall, Silo offers an enticing environment to unwind after a workday.

FUN? Whether you sit in the dining area, at the bar or on the patio, Silo offers a comfortable, friendly place. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and helpful, and the bartenders are personable. The music is not too loud, and the tracks offer easy listening.

FRUGAL? It can be! During the daily happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. (including weekends), Silo offers creative cocktails for $6, wine for $5 and beer for $4. The seasonal menu features a number of excellent choices. It may be tough to decide what you should enjoy first– but this is a good problem to have.

The red wine is the Buenas Tempranillo (priced at $10.99 in liquor stores), which doesn’t make this quite as good of a deal as Michael David’s Petite Petit for $5.50 (priced at $18.99 in liquor stores) at the Sutler. However, unlike most house wines, this Tempranillo is rich and delicious with a hint of spice, vanilla, and oak.

The New York Sour (bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, red wine float) and A Benny and Joon Morning (amaretto, bourbon, lemon, simple syrup)
The house wine: Buenas Tempranillo


The Dish on dining at 360 Bistro

FANCY? Yes! 360 Bistro is Belle Meade’s hidden gem. Located in this upscale area near the Highway 100/Harding Pike split, this establishment prizes itself on a seemingly never-ending wine list accessible via an iPad. The restaurant is composed of a variety of dining areas (a bar, an outdoor patio, indoor patio and a formal dining room with wine bottles lining the walls) to place the power in your hands as to how fancy you’d like your experience to be. No matter where you sit, service is always top-notch with a very knowledgeable staff! The vibe inside is very romantic and relaxing. This is a perfect place for any occasion from a special date night to meeting some guys at the bar to catch a game.

FUN?  With a big screen TV in the bar area and such options as chipotle BBQ wings, truffle parmesan fries and cheese/charcuterie on the bar menu, this could easily become your next happy hour spot for any day of the week.

FRUGAL?  Certainly can be! On Sundays, the restaurant offers half-priced select wine bottles. This week, we chose to go with the Seghesio Zinfandel ($60 regularly) and paid $30 for it. What a steal! 360 also puts out a Groupon every few months; however, these are in short supply. So if you spot one, buy it.

360 recently revamped its menu to feature a wide selection to please any palate. We started with the baked brie  ($10)– which was by far one of the most impressive cheese dishes in Nashville. For entrees, we went with the black pepper tagliatelli with bolognese and house-made ricotta ($20) and the short ribs with Anson Mills polenta, pinenut gremolata, and mushrooms ($29). Both entrees were large and delicious! We enjoyed a side of the Brussels sprouts ($8) that were beautifully presented in a white dish with a lid. Overall, this is one of our top-three restaurants in Nashville. Don’t be afraid to try something new– this would be the place to do it!

The Husband Bourbon Review: B

360 Bistro has all of the staples that you’d see at any restaurant in town ($10 for a 2 oz pour of either W.L. Weller Special Reserve or W.L. Weller Antique) — in addition to the rarer bourbons including Pappy Van Winkle and Parker’s Heritage 24-Year Bottled-in-Bond. This being said, the price tag on these high-end bourbons is steep, and your money could be better spent at 360. Considering this, I recommend opting for a bourbon-based cocktail or expanding your palate and trying a bottle of wine from the expansive iPad menu. This is, after all, what they do best!

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The Dish on dining at Josephine on 12th

FANCY? Yes! Josephine is one of the fancier spots to dine within the 12 South neighborhood. This place would be perfect for a romantic date or a dinner with friends/family. The restaurant is larger than you would expect since there is an additional room partitioned off.

FUN? Very! Bring your own bottle of wine, request a decanter and enjoy your evening– resting assured that you cut costs where you could. Josephine also offers a X:X dining experience that features a 10-course meal ($85) with drink pairings ($45), making it a less expensive version of the Catbird Seat (which is $115/person not including wine pairings)!

FRUGAL? In keeping with most of the upscale restaurants in Music City, Josephine unfortunately does not offer a happy hour. However, you can bring your own bottle of wine and only pay a $15 corkage fee– which is well worth it! For example, the Seghesio Zinfandel is listed on the menu for $55/bottle. Most liquor stores sell this brand for $18 to $23. By paying the corkage fee, you save roughly $17– and this is ignoring the extra taxes you would have to pay for purchasing the Seghesio from Josephine.

We went with the Bloomy Rinds cheese plate ($17), the pappardelle ($27) and the hazelnut ravioli ($26). The cheese plate is very large, providing enough to split four ways or take any leftovers to-go. The entrees are not large enough to split and run between $24 to $30.

The Husband Bourbon Rating: COMING SOON

The Dish on drinks at Salt & Vine

FANCY? Salt & Vine is not particularly fancy. This new hot spot in Nashville offers a very modern vibe with a fresh market up front and a seating area in the back. The Sylvan Park establishment includes a great selection of wine, coffee, beer and light bites on its menu. Because the modern fixtures and layout create an overly noisy atmosphere as Salt & Vine becomes crowded, this place would be ideal for catching up with a girlfriend right after work.

FUN? Yes! Salt & Vine offers a fun experience for women who enjoy coffee, wine and cheese. I did not have the burrata, but I have heard nothing but good things about this shareable dish.

FRUGAL? The prices for wines by the glass are not outrageous, and the drink menu (pictured below) includes some delicious brands that are not commonly sold by the glass at restaurants. Salt & Vine hosts a daily happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. featuring $6 red and white wines. However, the red happy hour wine was very syrupy and not worth the $6, so I went with Elqui Wines’ Syrah/Carmenere/Malbec blend ($10).